With a population today of approximately 25,000 and growing 400% over the next 10 -15 years along with the proximity to San Antonio, the City of Converse has a relevant workforce for your business.

Texas Workforce Commission - Current Monthly  Workforce Data
Bexar County (includes Converse) 

November 2020
Labor Force  888,808  Employment  951,322  Unemployment  62, 514  Rate 6.6

November 2019
 Labor Force 924,424   Employment 953,011    Unemployment  28,587  Rate  3.0

November 2018
Labor Force 942,882    Employment 913,797    Unemployment 29,085    Rate 3.1

November 2017
Labor Force 929,074    Employment 899,727    Unemployment 29,347    Rate 3.2

Regional Resources
The Workforce Solutions Alamo Board serves as the governing board for the regional workforce system, a network of service providers and contractors that brings people and jobs together. We represent the taxpayers of the 13-county Alamo region. Our membership reflects the diverse constituencies of the regional community: business, economic development, education, labor, community organizations, and government.