Target Markets

Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality

Converse Commercial Gaps (2021)

As of 2018, the City of Converse's citizens represents $1Billion in buying power with less than $400,000 being fulfilled by existing retailers and restaurateurs. This will continue to be a growing gap as our community expands from 7 acres to 22 acres and upwards of 100,000 people in the next 12 - 15 years. 

Converse is home to young up-and-coming families. As most of our citizens commute to work, when they finally return home, turning around to head back out to eat or shop is very tasking. Converse needs fast-casual restaurants to serve our young and upcoming families, and destination entertainment to keep JISD's over  22,000 students entertained. 

East of San Antonio lacks major healthcare providers and hospital facilities. Converse's affordable housing is home to many military and civilian retirees. The average American aged 65 and over has approximately seven office visits a year.* With our aging population and longer life expectancy, Converse needs more options locally. Our young up-and-coming families are just starting out and have young and growing households. Expectant mothers are expected to have at least 12 doctor visits over the course of their pregnancy.** This does not account for all of the checkups their new child is due to receive. 

Sustainable and Information Technology
With San Antonio becoming more and more of a technology capital, Converse is an affordable option that is at the intersection of the Texas triangle connecting San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. With large companies employing many of our residents such as Rackspace, USAA, and Tech Data, we have the educated and experienced workforce to help tech companies grow in our area. 

Construction and ManufacturingFeatherlite07
Converse has a very strong network of Construction and Manufacturing companies that continue to thrive in our area. Our companies work together to help supply materials. From concrete to brick to metal fasteners, Converse produces them all. Our largest companies are Ingram Readymix, MeadowBurke, and Featherlite, a division of Acme Brick.