Our Staff

Kuborn 2018
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jimsi kuborn

Executive Director

Ms. Kuborn brings  over 15+ years of experience in marketing and business development ranging from real estate to economic development. Most recently working four and a half years as the Vice President for a public/private economic development organization on behalf of the Rockford, IL region.  

Kuborn lead strategic planning, marketing and communication strategies and worked on business development initiatives.  She also worked with community-wide workforce and education initiatives alongside leaders in K-12, community colleges, universities and the state workforce board.

Additional experience allowed working with state level leaders for proposed legislative changes in property taxes. Some additional special projects included state and local aerospace and defense initiatives.  Kuborn also spent time with local businesses one-on-one through specific growth and retention strategies. 

Kuborn holds a BS from Northern Illinois University.

             Kat LaLLO

Business Retention and Expansion Manager

Kat Lallo is passionate about creating growth
opportunities and enhance the quality of life for our Converse residents. Kat Lallo is committed to both growing and helping our local businesses become more competitive. She has directed a number of learning and networking events throughout the year for local businesses such as B2B breakfasts, Converse All Stars,
brown bag learning sessions and webinars. Her memberships include numerous economic development and non-profit organizations. She holds a BA and MS from Texas Tech University.

Karen Pic        

                                     Executive Assistant

Karen Day joined the team in February of 2016. Karen has extensive experience with organizations including United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, Masters Leadership Program; and SBC (currently AT&T).
As a Converse resident, she is excited to share in the many exciting growth opportunities occurring in Converse!