Photo Aug 02, 9 12 15 AM               We opened our business in 1978 in Converse when FM78 was a rural 2 lane road. I can honestly say, “We have never regretted our decision.” Converse has grown but there is still a small town feel with caring community leaders and wonderful citizens.

As a medical facility, we have had to call both police and EMS on occasion. I can honestly say that the response times in each instance has been less than 5 minutes. I'm not sure this would happen in a larger city! In all cases, the officers and EMS have been kind, friendly and very professional.

The Converse EDC has also made Converse a better place by trying to bring new businesses to the community and supporting those that have been here for a while. They have shown appreciation of businesses by publicly honoring those that are long-standing. The EDC also helps businesses with financial grants to upgrade facilities that will improve the property or business. As a recipient of one of these grants, we were able to upgrade a very old HVAC system.

Thank you, Converse, - both administration and citizens for making our nearly 40 years in business here so enjoyable. We are happy to serve this community.

        JOHN G. DANTE
PAPA DANTE’S RESTAURANT & Bella on the vine 
The Converse EDC was of great help and benefit to us when we decided to expand our business. They provided the necessary tools, helped us with the processing of applications and submittals and assisted us with establishing a networking system that streamlined the process. Their enthusiastic support and energetic demeanor were paramount in propelling our expansion into motion.

I highly recommend the Converse EDC, under the direction of Kate Silvas, along with her extremely talented staff of Kat, Christine, and Karen!


              Photo Aug 02, 8 42 34 AM
         MANNY E. RUIZ
Photo Aug 03, 8 55 41 AM              
TexStar National Bank has a Branch in Converse, Texas and has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the City. We pride ourselves as being a locally owned Community Bank that offers our customers unmatched customer service. Sharing the same commitment, the City of Converse continues to faithfully support its citizens and has always been there for TexStar National Bank throughout the years. We consider our relationship with the City of Converse to be a partnership where we can help each other be successful and never compromise or take for granted our wonderful Converse community.