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Converse is one of the safest suburbs in Texas. Our Police Department has an average response time of 3-5 minutes within the city. Converse has one officer per every 500 residents and plans to keep that ratio the same as our population continues to grow. 

Bexar County Sheriff's new substation is at the intersection of 1604 and Rocket Lane to help the east side of Bexar County. This new facility will also house other County services and will provide added accessibility to our residents and business owners.

Converse Fire Department (CFD) has an ISO rating of 2. This is a prestigious rating that less than one percent of all Fire Departments can achieve. Converse is also a designated Firewise Community by the © National Fire Protection Association. CFD Services several areas of unincorporated Bexar County, as well. 

Converse Public Works Department works with Police and Fire to ensure the safety of our residents. From broken tree limbs to broken street lights, our staff does not hesitate to make sure that our streets are safe for our residents.
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